Transfer domain to an other registrar can be a painful and time consuming process, we strongly suggest to renew your domains with to protect your domain and save up to 50% comparing other registrars.

Step 1

Go to select your domain and make sure your domain's whois contact information is correct and up to date. If domain privacy is enabled, you need to disable the privacy option first. Please verify the whois contact via

Step 2

If whois contact information is correct, please make sure domain lock is DISABLED.

If domain lock is ENABLED, please click on Change Domain Lock option, select Unlock and click Save.

Step 3

Verify the domain status at It might take up to take  24 to have domain status updated. 

If status not OK after 24 hours, please contact NamePal support.

Step 4

Check your domain transfer lock status. If there is an orange triangle next to your domain name, it means the domain is in Transfer Hold Period. Domains are locked for 60 days after every Whois update. This is an ICANN requirement which every registrar needs to follow. Transfer lock is being automatically removed at the end of the transfer lock hold period. If there is no orange triangle next to your domain, you can proceed with your transfer.

Step 5

Request the authorization code at Domain Settings page by clicking on Send my authorization code to the email on file button.

Authorization code will be in your mailbox in 72 hours.

Step 6

Find our email in your mailbox and provide the authorization code to your new registrar. 

Ask your new registrar for help if you are not sure what to do with the code received.

Step 7

Once we receive the transfer request from your new registrar, you need to approve transfer request at

If you do not APPROVE or REJECT the transfer the domain transfer will be automatically approved in 5 days.

Step 8

Verify the name of the new registrar, domain status and new expire date at