Renewing your domain at is an easy and fast process.

Step 1

Go to domain list page, select your domain and click on RENEW button.

Step 2

Select the term (up to 10 years) and click Add To Cart button.

Step 3

Confirm the domain name and the renewal term.
Click on MAKE YOUR DOMAIN PRIVATE and the +Add button if you do not want to publish your contact information on the internet.

Step 4

Select your payment method. 

If no bank card was added or your card has expired please click the Add Payment Method button. 

When adding new card please make sure the name, address and card details are all correct. 

If you get error message like Transaction declined please contact your bank to see if your card is eligible for online payment.

If you get Fraudent transaction error message please contact NamePal support for help!

If you purchased NamePal balance, select this option and click on the Place Your Order button.

Step 5

If the transaction was successful, you will arrive to our Thank you page.

Step 6

You can verify the new expire date of your domain at and